How Do You Know Ahead of Time If a Movie Will be Bad or Good?

One of the things I love about movies is that even the smartest, richest people in the room can get it terribly wrong, to the tune of millions of dollars in losses. In movie-making, you can take a fantastic story, cast A-list actors, bring in a proven director, and put all the pieces in place for a great movie, and still completely mess it up.

Right as I was starting to make my movie, Grace of Monaco premiered at Cannes to absolutely awful reviews. A biopic about Grace Kelly, it starred Nicole Kidman and was directed by Olivier Dahan, who directed the wonderful La Vie en Rose. It was apparently booed in the movie theater. Jon Frosch at The Atlantic wrote that Grace of Monaco was “uninspiring from its first frame to its last… a piece of hagiographic fluff… The director drains any potential juice from the personal and political dramas of Kelly’s life as a royal by coating his film in an insipid biopic gloss.” The movie currently has a 9 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating.