The Lonely Kiter: A Case Study in Making a Movie With The Resources You Have

The Lonely Kiter is available as a bonus when you purchase My Love Is Real.

My favorite thing about the making of The Lonely Kiter is that I never planned to make it. I was on a kitesurfing vacation with a few friends, only there was no wind – and the forecast the next few days didn’t look good. We needed something to do.

It was perfect timing to try out a piece of advice often heard by filmmakers who are just starting out: just make a movie.

My Love Is Real Now Available for Purchase (Plus Thoughts on Pricing)

My Love Is Real had an amazing screening to a packed theater at the DC Independent Film festival, which means I am now ready to release my first short film for purchase. Anyone who couldn’t make it to the screenings can now buy it for $2.99 directly from the City Different Media website, here. Along with the 17-minute film, you’ll get two bonus videos of actors Dan Barry, Madelyn Farris, and Megan Caulfield performing their original auditions.