Living for Work vs. Living for Art

My favorite money/finance blogger, Mr. Money Mustache, has a nice bit on about how that’s actually a false distinction, whether you buy it or not. It’s not that you find meaning in your work, or in your art – it’s the creation of new things generally. Yes, the creation of a new business counts:

Creation of new ideas, new enterprises, or new things is the biggest joy of being alive. Learning more about life, the world, and yourself and then trying to mix the ingredients together to the best of your ability is the happiest path you can take as a human.

Worth reading the whole thing here.

What I Think About the Current State of Film Distribution

On my last birthday, which was in December, The Atlantic ran a story titled “The Death of the Artist – and the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur.” In an article that is must-read for any creative type, this is the part that stood out for me:

Among the most notable things about those Web sites that creators now all feel compelled to have is that they tend to present not only the work, not only the creator (which is interesting enough as a cultural fact), but also the creator’s life or lifestyle or process. The customer is being sold, or at least sold on or sold through, a vicarious experience of production.

Yep. Because that’s what us “creators” are told we have to do over and over in order to get our work noticed. We have to blog about it, tweet about it, have a Facebook page, have a website, have an online presence, and all that. Hey, that’s what I’ve tried to do so far with My Love Is Real.