Who Should Win at the Academy Awards

imgresThe Washington Post has a handy retrospective on who should have won Best Picture over the past 40 years, as opposed to who actually did win. As they rightly point out, the Academy gets it wrong more often than they get it right – a lot more.

But the Post’s story admittedly has the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, and as such many of their picks seem obvious in retrospect, relying as they do on a movie’s enduring cultural relevance than a look back at what seemed right at the time (of course Pulp Fiction should have beat Forest Gump).

Expat New Mexicans everywhere can rejoice: Trader Joe’s is carrying New Mexico green chile sauce

It’s difficult to really explain the depths with which this country has made the tragic, sad mistake of elevating “Tex Mex” above New Mexican Cuisine, which is superior in every single way to that sub-par, terrible-tasting culinary tradition. For native New Mexicans like myself, this tragedy is compounded by the fact that when we leave New Mexico we really can’t find authentic New Mexican food anywhere in the world. It is possibly the single greatest reason for us to return home – above seeing relatives, marveling at the sunsets, breathing the fresh air, and hiking through the Sangre de Cristos, we return home to eat New Mexican food.

I want to smack each and every person who uses “#adulting”

I have recently seen grown men and women – accomplished men and women, smart men and women, men and women who are going places in life – use the hashtag “#adulting” in various Facebook posts. I want to smack them.

With all due respect to my dear Facebook friends, please excuse me for what I am about to say:

GROW UP and stop publicly congratulating yourself for:

  • doing the dishes
  • cooking food
  • cooking healthy food
  • working
  • working late
  • having a full day
  • getting your internet hooked up
  • sending out a resume

These are all things my Facebook friends have recently hashtagged #adulting. You are not “adulting,” you are acting your age. I think Jezebel put it well:

Adulting is a term most often used when a person fulfills a basic prerequisite of adulthood and wants to feel special—or, worse than that, be charmingly self-deprecating—about it.

There are even ribbons for adulting:

…which is funny, because, even when given ironically, an award for fulfilling your basic responsibilities as a human is pretty much the most childish thing imaginable.