Introducing: Cam Girl, my fourth short film

Think I wasn’t doing anything else whilst promoting Districtland? Well, think again. A few weeks before the premiere myself and an intrepid bare bones cast and crew shot a beautiful little character study about sex, desire, watching, and being watched. Last week I finished post-production.


More on this production as it goes through the film festival circuit, but for now I want to thank the brave crew who helped me make this: Director of Photography Chris Mariles and PA and Script Supervisor Erin Davis (and of course Stana Kimball for lending her art to the production value and keeping us well fed). And especially my gratitude goes to Agatha Jazmin for her performance as the titular Cam Girl. Thank you Agatha!


Cam Girl Poster (web)

Lessons from The West Wing’s Brokered Convention Episode

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 12.04.59 PM


So, here we are.

Donald Trump is clearly ahead, but may not get enough delegates to actually clinch the nomination on the first ballot. The race is down to three people. Ted Cruz could wind up with momentum going into the convention. And John Kasich is furiously trying to normalize the idea of a brokered convention in the first place to give himself a shot.

A few weeks ago I re-watched The West Wing’s brokered convention episode, where our hero Matthew Santos goes into the Democratic convention against the current sitting Vice President, Bob Russell, who has more delegates than him but also sucks royally and would probably get crushed in the general. There’s also John Hoynes, the disgraced ex-Vice President who is trailing a distant third but is trying to pitch himself as the voice of reason and savior of the party.

Sound at least a little familiar?