The Year Behind, The One Ahead (Or, On Time)

Dmitri and I take a surfing lesson in Los Cerritos, Mexico.

There was this one afternoon in 2017 when I broke down in tears. I don’t mean to sound like I’m writing a melodramatic self-help post here, but I’m afraid there is no other way to say it. I had been in the middle of one of my depressions. These happen to me from time to time. Sometimes they are triggered by something situational, but as often as not they are not triggered by anything in particular. I know enough about depression to know that there is something chemical going on that is not my fault. The only remedies as I see them are medication, self-medication, or no medication, and throughout my life I have normally gone with the latter two options. I won’t bother here to defend this choice necessarily. I am just laying the groundwork for the scene.