“She is the ideal religious symbol of a democratic people”

From the introduction to one of my grandmother’s several books, which seems particularly appropriate to reprint today:

There is Liberty.

She is there as troop ships pass in and out of the harbor. She is there for the boat captain, the sailor, the child born under her shadow. She is there for the refugee and the children of refugees. She is there for the school girl on her college vacation and the bride on her honeymoon. Liberty is there for the captive in eastern Europe, in southeast Asia and in prison in the United States. She is the ideal religious symbol of a democratic people- the unfailing woman who waits, who welcomes, the mother who loves impartially, who cannot be moved, whose very presence is Liberty – undefiled by the politics of time.

The full title is “Dear Miss Liberty – Letters to the Statue of Liberty,” and it can be purchased on Amazon if you’re so inclined. My grandmother, Lynne Bundesen, edited. Here are some of her other books.

Islamophobia and Michel Houellebecq’s Submission

IMG_20151125_124321Apparently there is an absolutely sickening “spiraling out of control” of Islamophobia in America, which means I should probably finish my Houellebecq Submission post.

Most Americans only know Michel Houellebecq (if they know him at all) because of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France earlier this year, which occurred the week Hebdo put Houellebecq on its cover and the day Houellebecq’s new book, Submission, came out.

The Muslim terrorists who stormed the Hebdo offices and killed 11 were reportedly motivated by the book’s “blasphemy,” which envisions a near future in which Muslims win the French elections and begin to institute aspects of sharia law. Houellebecq, for his part, was reportedly grief stricken over the killings, and stopped promoting the book as a result.