I want to smack each and every person who uses “#adulting”

I have recently seen grown men and women – accomplished men and women, smart men and women, men and women who are going places in life – use the hashtag “#adulting” in various Facebook posts. I want to smack them.

With all due respect to my dear Facebook friends, please excuse me for what I am about to say:

GROW UP and stop publicly congratulating yourself for:

  • doing the dishes
  • cooking food
  • cooking healthy food
  • working
  • working late
  • having a full day
  • getting your internet hooked up
  • sending out a resume

These are all things my Facebook friends have recently hashtagged #adulting. You are not “adulting,” you are acting your age. I think Jezebel put it well:

Adulting is a term most often used when a person fulfills a basic prerequisite of adulthood and wants to feel special—or, worse than that, be charmingly self-deprecating—about it.

There are even ribbons for adulting:

…which is funny, because, even when given ironically, an award for fulfilling your basic responsibilities as a human is pretty much the most childish thing imaginable.