Cam Girl

A brief character study in sex, desire, watching, and being watched.

  • Starring Agatha Jazmin
  • Written & Directed by Russell Max Simon
  • Director of Photography, Chris Mariles
  • Production Assistant & Script Supervisor, Erin Davis
  • Artwork by Stana Kimball
  • Featuring "La Rondine," by Puccini



My Love Is Real

My Love Is Real is Russell Max Simon’s directorial debut and first short film. It was an official selection for the Rosebud Film Festival, DC Independent Film Festival, and Wheaton Film Festival. An intimate character drama, the film explores the blurred lines of love and truth when a soon to be father’s affair is exposed.

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After the Show

A short film produced for the 2015 Washington, DC 48-Hour Film Project, After the Show tells the story of divorced reality TV star Justin Gray and the runner-up contestant he spurned, Bridget Davenport. The film makes use of the 48-Hour Film Project’s assigned genre (“Romance”), character (“Bridget Davenport, runner-up”), line of dialogue (“Let me see what I can do”), and prop (“photo of a relative”).

The Lonely Kiter

Shot on GoPros with non-actors over the course of two days in the Outer Banks, The Lonely Kiter examines the role and meaning of solitude in the life of two kite surfers trying to escape the rush of every-day life.

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