Exploring the question that answers all the other questions (in theory)

Welcome to What Really Matters by me, Russell Max Simon.

For those who read my old blog, I have migrated many of those posts below. For everyone else, here’s what’s what: I studied the Great Books at St. John’s College, covered politics for the Albuquerque Journal, and have shilled my branding & marketing skills for nonprofits, companies, and more than a few political campaigns.

Now, I’m gonna write about the question I’ve had all along: what really matters?

I’m publishing three categories:

  • Free, open to the public. Basically your standard blog post.

  • Free also, but visible only to subscribers. Basically, it goes to your inbox.

  • Paid, for $5/month or $50/year. Wherein I will dig deepest, reach furthest, and (hopefully) add something meaningful for your life.

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