I’m Russell Max Simon, the author of What Really Matters.

Here’s a quick bio:

  1. I studied the Great Books and philosophy at St. John’s College.

  2. I’ve traveled to over 40 countries in search of amazing food, rich cultural history, chill kitesurfing beaches, and places that feel like home.

  3. I’m a former newspaper. I covered politics for the Albuquerque Journal.

  4. I’m currently based in Rumney, NH, a world-class sport climbing destination.

What is What Really Matters?

This is a newsletter for people who are thinking through life’s biggest questions.

I write about work, purpose, meaning, and identity, but most of all i’m interested in a question I’ve explored throughout my life: what really matters?

I’ve also got a podcast by the same name - search for “What Really Matters” or my name wherever you listen to podcasts.

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