The new AI has me revisiting old questions about school and knowledge, and wondering what to teach my son
10 months of travel, plus: Mexico, The Fabelmans, and climbing's soul

February 2023

Closed on the Cornudella de Montsant property, plus: Catalan bureaucracy, new friends, van life, and meeting Nate Murphy.

January 2023

Chris Sharma, Jason Momoa, and an epic Spain climbing competition? Yes Please.
Plus more photos, renovation plans, money transfer troubles, stress, and the future
I drove from D.C. to La Ventana: 3,400 miles and nearly 60 hours of driving
I'm finally baking this advice into my annual planning. Plus: values, time, and ways of life

December 2022

The detritus of unpublished writing, or, excerpts from posts I never published
An update on the Spain property, plus my past and future property investment goals
When does a dream start to become more than just a dream?

November 2022

One of the best trips ever. Plus: Chaehyun Seo, Chris Sharma, and the good life
Plus: you don't have to "write every day"—but do write with passion