Podcast - Episode 7: Lynne Bundesen on feminism, politics, and spirituality (with anecdotes from a storied life)


On this episode I talk with Lynne Bundesen. She is the author of several books on women and spirituality, including the memoir So the Woman Went Her Way and most recently The Feminine Spirit at the Heart of the Bible. Across her storied, extraordinary life, she, among other things: unknowingly married into the Chicago mafia; became a correspondent for Time, the Wall Street Journal, and numerous other newspapers; wrote speeches for the Congressional Black Caucus in California; was a staff member on the judiciary committee during the impeachment of Richard Nixon; traveled the world, and much more.

Lynne is also, incidentally, my grandmother. It was a pleasure to interview her, and I even learned some new things about her I didn’t know. We talk feminism, spirituality, her first marriage, and her legacy as a journalist, mother and grandparent. As I say: we should all spend much, more more time interviewing our grandparents.

Show notes include: