Chris Sharma, Jason Momoa, and an epic Spain climbing competition? Yes Please.
Plus more photos, renovation plans, money transfer troubles, stress, and the future
I drove from D.C. to La Ventana: 3,400 miles and nearly 60 hours of driving
I'm finally baking this advice into my annual planning. Plus: values, time, and ways of life

December 2022

The detritus of unpublished writing, or, excerpts from posts I never published
An update on the Spain property, plus my past and future property investment goals
When does a dream start to become more than just a dream?

November 2022

One of the best trips ever. Plus: Chaehyun Seo, Chris Sharma, and the good life
Plus: you don't have to "write every day"—but do write with passion
Plus: in this country, we do still have elections, a freedom we should cherish with all our might

October 2022

In New Hampshire, I was mulling my various commitments to place
In my climbing, as in my life, I’ve always strived not to delude myself in my abilities