Some of the most beautiful wilderness on the planet faces death by drought, heat, and fire.
I've been obsessing for weeks about buying a new car
Plus: time to take your head out of the sand & parenting through the pandemic
Plus: a wood stove in these dark times
Plus: growing up in the 90s didn't prepare me for this. And, I host my first Interintellect salon.
I want you all to know first
I cut and sawed and sanded more wood in a few months than I have in a lifetime
Our Republic has always depended on the decency of the men and women who lead it — yesterday was no exception
Also, it's 2021: Expect a lot more from me on topics you're not used to
The year behind, the one ahead. I don't know how this will end, but I do know this: when it does, I want to go dancing.
When I was a young man about building a career, I went on a business book kick. I read Malcolm Gladwell about tipping points, and James Collins about g…
I’ve been reading a lot of people’s “Happy Thanksgiving” stories. I thought about writing one myself, but I couldn’t think of much to say other than he…