The new AI has me revisiting old questions about school and knowledge, and wondering what to teach my son
10 months of travel, plus: Mexico, The Fabelmans, and climbing's soul

January 2023

I'm finally baking this advice into my annual planning. Plus: values, time, and ways of life

September 2022

If you don’t prune often, big changes become harder and harder.

August 2022

Why not stay out there in the wilderness the rest of your days?
The works we are most proud of are not necessarily those most admired by others

July 2022

Reflections on three weeks at the Morris & James Pottery in Matakana, NZ

May 2022

Meaning, purpose, and how we choose what to work on

April 2022

Ways of life and returning from kitesurfing in La Ventana, Mexico
Hunter S. Thompson’s 1958 letter to his friend Hume is one of the best distillations of advice on life and career I’ve ever read.

April 2021

I've been obsessing for weeks about buying a new car

February 2020

Indra Nooyi is worth a watch if you want to see a good, non-politician example of someone who can convincingly say a lot of words that don’t mean…