Sitemap - 2020 - Post-Nomad

When this is all over

Tony Hsieh's Death and Delivering Happiness

Happy thanksgiving, I took a job

Being on Substack is turning in to an identity marker

Weekly Update, 11/8/20: At long last, decency

It's time to ask yourself what you believe

Weekly update, 10/25/20 - Learning to live with it

We live in the world

The tension of writing for an audience

Weekly Update, 9/6/20 - Summer's end

Lessons learned from my 31-days to climb 5.12 challenge

On hunger and equanimity

The Russell Max Simon Production Function

Weekly Update, 7/30/20 - Pandemic fatigue

Why rock climbing matters, for civilization

"End racism" is too easy an answer

Podcast - Episode 10: Gena Gorlin on self-actualization & meaning in the time of coronavirus

Weekly Update, 5/11/20 - Exercising Control

Podcast - Episode 9: Devon Reehl on life choices, being a professional musician, Christian Science summer camp, and moving his family to Costa Rica

To the newly unemployed

Comfort with death means comfort with life

A climbing community deals with coronavirus

Coronavirus diary: news habits, arguments about grocery shopping, & the Waldorf school goes online

Week day schedule for unemployed parent during coronavirus

Untitled coronavirus post

Podcast - Episode 8: Wake up calls

Pandemic: inconvenient truths

Tell me what to do

Ability to conform

Real men don't cry

Weekly Update, 2/2/20 - Mérida, the Liberty Democrat, & George Packer

In the wilderness

Podcast - Episode 7: Lynne Bundesen on feminism, politics, and spirituality (with anecdotes from a storied life)

My authentic self

Gentle men